Our studio proudly supports Sundalah

Make the date: the next Sundalah Sunday is July 17th! 

(See program below)

Mark your calendars: Be sure to join us on this years Sundalah Sundays: May 29th, July 17th & Sept 18th.

Please feel free to download this years program.

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Sundalah aims:

  - to promote unity and embrace the values of diversity in yoga and in life;

  - to provide a platform for people to discover yoga and other various teachings to enhance self-study;

  - to support a variety of local yoga locations to help people find the yoga that best suits them;

  - to provide community opportunities (e.g. Sundalah Sunday) to connect, learn and discover new ways to live 

    with inspiration and inner fulfillment;

  - to provide a monthly email bulletin of up-coming events, workshops, or special guests;

  - to connect with our yoga teacher friends and share our love for yoga.

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