Gentle/ restorative yoga classes are run on Tuesdays from 6-7pm at St. Matthews Anglican Parish hall. Drop-ins: $12. 10-er pass for $100. Please bring your own mat as we only provide a limited number of them to students. 

This is a gentle yoga class that includes elements of yin or restorative yoga - as such, it is perfect for beginners, pregnant women, sufferers of chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, multiple sklerosis, neuropathic pain, chemo- or radiotherapy, thyroid disorders, or people simply wanting to allow their bodies and minds to relax completely.

In restorative yoga the postures are almost all floor based. The idea is to support the body and bring the heart into position over the head to activate the parasympathetic nervous system or relaxation response. It requires lots of props and cushions as the body is fully supported in the postures so no muscular effort is employed. The poses are held between 1-3 minutes to allow a gradual but deeper relaxation of the muscles. Movement between the poses is also done in a slow and conscious way so the feeling of quiet the practice invokes is sustained throughout. No prior yoga experience necessary!

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