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Thank you for your interest in my pregnancy yoga & birth skills course where you'll be equipped with knowledge and skills to have a positive birth experience regardless of the type of birth you have!

I limit my classes to 16 ladies to ensure a safe and supportive environment. However, if my course is full, you can contact me to be added to a wait list. Check our Gentle/ Restorative Yoga page for another gentle, pregnancy-friendly exercise option.

The current course is now full. Please contact me to be added to the wait list. 

The next 10-week pregnancy yoga course starting May 2, 2019 is accepting applicants. To register, please deposit $180 into the yoga bank account with YOUR NAME and PREGNANCY and then email me proof of payment so I can add you to the list.

These courses fill up fast! To avoid disappointment, don't wait too long to register!

I do have gift certificates - this course would make an awesome Christmas/ Birthday/Baby Shower present!

Location, dates, cost

Location: St. Matthews Hall, 6 Carmody St. Hermit Park 

Day: Thursdays

Time: 5:30-7:00pm

Cost: $180 for 10-wk course 

If you are interested in participating in our classes please fill out the form below and bring it to your first class 

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Our Philosophy:
We believe in empowering women by giving them

the knowledge and skills they need to have a positive birth experience.

Fact: Women who practice yoga throughout their pregnancies experience shorter labours, less need for pain relief, less medical intervention and have babies with better birth weights.*                                                                                  

Pregnancy yoga is a speciality class. You not only want a properly trained and qualified teacher, you also want to be able to connect at a deeper level. If you're not completely satisfied with a class, shop around. Pregnancy is not a time to have to deal with more stress! We want our students to leave class feeling relaxed and in control of their lives.

We invite you to prepare your body & mind for the birth of your baby in a warm and welcoming environment by learning the tools and techniques that will assist you during pregnancy and labor, including:

       *  Time to simply connect with your baby

       *  Breathing exercises

       Use of sound and vocal toning

       *  Beneficial yoga postures to increase the strength, flexibility

           and endurance of muscles needed for childbirth

       *  Active birthing/ labouring movement

       *  Guided visualization/ relaxation


The positive side benefits of pregnancy yoga include:

        Improved sleep

        *  Reduce stress and anxiety

        *  Learning to trust your intuition

        *  Meeting other expectant mothers (Comm-UNITY)

        *  Decrease low back pain, nausea, carpal tunnel syndrome,

            headaches and shortness of breath

        *  Decrease the risk of preterm labor and pregnancy-induced


More questions about pregnancy, labor and birth? check out our FAQs or our Pregnancy Tools page

Download your free "Pregnant mother's pledge" below. Instructions: Print it out and keep it in a visible location. Read daily! 

Pregnant mother's pledge.pdf Pregnant mother's pledge.pdf
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These classes are for women only. However, we offer couples birthing workshops several times a year. During these workshops your partner or support person will actively participate and learn how to best assist you during your pregnancy and labor.
All photos by Anya Karmansky at Cheeky Monkey Photography
"By attending Tatjana's pregnancy yoga classes, I learned valuable breathing techniques and exercises. I used these techniques when I went into labour five weeks early and it helped me to remain calm and focused when it got tough. Some of the exercises provided me with a distraction at times throughout the labour experience.

Looking back I am grateful that I attending the classes prior to childbirth as the knowledge I gained helped me when delivering our gorgeous little boy, James!  Thanks Tatjana!" 
          ~  Kelli C.   

"I couldn’t imagine having navigated through my pregnancy without my weekly classes with Tatjana. I looked forward to each class and always left leaving feeling ‘centred’ and rejuvenated.

Tatjana's  warm, caring nature and genuine interest in each of her students allowed me to feel safe and comfortable to participate in the specially designed yoga activities.

Tatjana’s classes have given me confidence and assurance leading into labour.  I have so many tools I can use to assist me through the birthing process.

To anyone looking for something to help them through their pregnancy journey, or for anyone deciding which yoga class to take, I highly recommend pregnancy yoga with Tatjana!" 

~ Jessica O.

"I just wanted to mention how much you helped me during labour; even though you were not physically there, I heard your voice telling me to breathe through each contraction! I also birthed Elsie standing up rocking my hips! I honestly think it was a combination of all of these that made my labour bearable and go so quickly for a first time mum! My waters were ruptured at 6:30am and I had her at 11:30am! Thanks once again!"

                                                                                   ~ Katie B.

"I used relaxation and breathing techniques we learned in Tatjana's classes during labour and they worked to help ease the contraction pain. I also used the exercise we practiced of leaning against my partner and swaying my hips from side to side. Thanks for helping me with my birthing journey, I am so amazed at what our bodies are capable of." 

                                                                               ~ Michelle T.

"Having learnt to 'go with the flow' and accept that birth will happen how the baby needs it to occur, I was actually prepared for an unscheduled induction two weeks early.  I did not stress that this was not the preferred plan, and started to use some of the lessons I had learnt from Tatjana's pregnancy yoga classes and the couples birthing workshop.  Thanks to Tatjana's advice, during some intense contractions with very little reprieve time, I was able to focus on my breathing whilst using my fit ball as support.  

My husband also was able to be flexible with our unplanned situation and called on some of the other techniques and strategies he had learnt at the workshop.  By learning how to focus my breathing during yoga classes, I felt more in control and could work through the pain better.   

The weekly classes were also excellent for me personally to hear updates from other women who were further along than me and know what I could expect to feel in the following weeks. The friendly and supportive atmosphere is awesome!!! Highly recommend this as part of your pregnancy planning."

                                                                                   ~ Dana A.

"I attended Tatjana's from about 16 weeks all the way up until I popped at 39 weeks . It was the night of the week I looked forward to. It was a relaxing, friendly atmosphere shared with other beautiful pregnant ladies going on the same journey as me. 

As my first time doing yoga, I was amazingly surprised how much it helps with your core strength and breathing. Both of these are a must when you enter labour!  It's a beautiful beneficial class for any pregnant lady of any fitness level. 
You won't be disappointed!"  

                                                                               ~ Lauren M.

"My twin pregnancy was alot more challenging on my body than my previous singleton pregnancy. I found myself counting down the days until I could attend my weekly pregnancy yoga class because of how amazing I felt after. Not only I would walk out a more relaxed and calm person, but the positions really helped my sore lower back. I also really enjoyed meeting up with the other pregnant ladies as we would share some great tips!"

                                                                               ~ Katrina K.

"Not being the most flexible mother-to-be waddling around, I was very nervous of whether pregnancy yoga was for me. Well you could imagine my surprise when I found myself really looking forward to class each week. My body just loved the feeling and great night’s sleep after each class. I learnt to trust my body, challenge my mind and rejoice in some relaxation time just for me and my bump to bond. The support from other mothers was invaluable. I even made two very dear friends through this class, and now our babies play together each week."

                                                                          ~ K.-L. G.

"I had never done yoga before going to Tatjana's pregnancy yoga class so didn't really know what to expect. I was quite nervous the first time I went but instantly felt welcome as soon as I walked in the room. Tatjana is warm, open and friendly and quickly put me at ease. She is a fantastic teacher who pushes you to improve whilst always making you feel supported no matter what your ability. The classes are fun and a great way to meet other pregnant women. I felt physically and mentally revived after each class and looked forward to the next session all week. I also found the classes a great way to prepare for the birth and a chance to talk things over with other women in the same situation. I would definitely recommend Tatjana's pregnancy yoga classes and if you're unsure, just give it a go - you won't regret it!"

                                                                                 ~ Anna B.


"Tatjana provided a warm, positive and friendly environment. I had the opportunity to meet other ladies who shared the same pregnancy experience as me and it was comforting to know. I was always encouraged to go at my own pace and ability and appreciated that Tatjana would ensure that I was moving correctly/safely and gaining potential.

I learnt so much about my pregnancy and body which I didn't expect.This course made me conscious to be postured correctly during the week and whenever I experienced pain/aches or stress during my pregnancy I could use the stretching and breathing techniques I learned in class to relieve them. I am so grateful for everything you've taught me and I know I am going to use what I  learned in class not only during labor but thourghout my life. Thank you so much!"

                                                                                 ~ Casey J. 

"The open atmosphere helped me to share what I was going through and also helped me accept the things I can't do during my pregnancy that I used to being able to do.

These classes have really helped me to feel better and to deal with the aches and pains of pregnancy. I couldn't imagine going through my pregnancy without them. I am really glad that Tatjana's classes have been part of my pregnancy journey!"

~ Emma M. 

"Tatjana's prenatal yoga classes were absolutely amazing, I always found myself looking forward to each week as it was a huge source of relaxation and pain relief from the demands pregnancy puts on your body. The breathing and calming techniques in both the yoga classes and birthing workshop helped me get through an extremely difficult labour." 

                                                                                   ~ Emily P.

"Tatjana's course helped me to keep my body flexible and relaxed throughout my pregnancy. I looked forward to each class, knowing that I would have a great night sleep that evening and that my mind and body would be relaxed. The strength exercises helped to keep my muscles active and I truly believe this is what helped me to stay functioning during my labour."

                                                                                 ~ Renee R.

" ...Even though I didn't use my breathing techniques for the throws of active labor they certainly stopped me losing my shit and probably saved a few doctors lives over the weekend ..." 

                                                                                      ~ Kat F.

"I really loved pregnancy yoga; it was such a great escape for me to block out the world and forced me to not think of anything but myself and my baby. It was great to be able to be in a room of pregnant women and hear how their weeks had also been and that we could all help each other out. 

I ended up being 9 days overdue. It was a pretty long labour, but I managed to get through it with breathing and only the gas. I am now the proud parent of miss Emily May. 

I would highly recommend yoga to other pregnant lady. I don't know why I didn't do yoga before being pregnant. I loved it."

                                                                            ~ Rebecca B. 

"I really enjoyed the pregnancy yoga. I found Tatjana to be very welcoming and it was great to meet other pregnant mums to talk to and share the pregnancy journey with.  Although I hadn't done yoga before, I found the classes enjoyable but also challengin,g which was good. Tatjana catered the exercises for different levels of fitness and stages of pregnancy. I particular enjoyed learning different breathing techniques and loved being able to just shut out the outside world and unwind."  

                                                                               ~ Nadine P.

"Participating in Tatjana's yoga classes was such an important part of my pregnancy journey - it was the highlight of my week. Tatjana delivered an amazing class that catered for a wide range of abilities; from beginners to advanced. She was so approachable and her caring and nuturing nature made everyone feel extremely comfortable. The safe space she created allowed us to share how we were feeling (both good and bad!) and how things were going. The class was the perfect opportunity take some time for myself emotionally, not just physically and relax."

                                                                                  ~ Jenna F.

"As a first time mum-to-be I really valued the community Tatjana fostered in our pregnancy yoga class. I looked forward to hearing what the other women were going through and sharing my own experiences. Some of the information and resources that were shared in these sessions really helped me to prepare for labour, along with stretches, breathing and relaxation exercises that Tatjana took us through. I looked forward to her classes each week and feel they contributed to what was a very positive pregnancy experience for me. Whilst my labour presented its own challenges and complications, I felt I was as prepared as I could be under the circumstances. It was all worth it for the birth of my beautiful son."

                                                                                   ~ Gina M.

Just want to acknowledge also how much the yoga made the birth not only less stressful, but as a 47 yr old I had a rare natural birth with only gas as my pain management. Vocalising, breathing, relaxing, moving on birth ball, all of which I gained a better understanding of through the pregnancy yoga and birth skills course, helped in seeing the active pregnancy stage only take 5 hours. 

                                                                                  ~ Nerida T.

A big thank you to my beautiful models:
Back row left to right: Melissa Gebert, Jennifer Debose, Ashe-Leigh Arrowsmith
Front row left to right: Jessica Omdahl, Latoya Seidel

* Chuntarapat et al. 2008. Yoga during pregnancy: effects on maternal comfort labor pain and birth outcomes. Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice 14: 105-115. Narendran et al. 2005. Efficacy of yoga on pregnancy outcome. The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine 11: 237–244. Satyapriya et al. 2009. Effect of integrated yoga on stress and heart rate variability in pregnant women. International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics 104: 218-222.