As a Personal Trainer I am proud to assist those with disabilities that previously have been unable to afford the services of a Personal Trainer or a Dietitian.

Exercise and Nutrition play a massive role in helping people with their depression and/or anxiety. Now with the help of the NDIS, we have been able to help those who may be suffering and not have the motivation on their own to get to a gym or to understand exactly what exercise would benefit them the most.

For the participants that do have funding they also benefit from having a Personal Trainer, because I help our clients with their nutrition by keeping them accountable to the personalised nutrition plan that I set out for them.

If you are eligible for NDIS funding or if you have a friend or family member who is, get in contact with me to book in a free consultation where we can see what your NDIS plan may cover, and together work out a health plan for you.

I am happy to advise carers, case managers and other support services on how our services could be used in their client’s NDIS plans.

We are 'Dedicated to your health'

Benefits of Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching for clients with NDIS

Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching, is fully customised to meet the need of people with disabilities.

Personal Training helps to create opportunities for people with disabilities to get out and about and have some fun.

Personal Training meets the needs of people with disabilities.

Personal Training can facilitate an environment of discovery and You knowledge for people with disabilities.

Personal Training sessions are customised to suit the goals and fitness levels of people with disabilities.

Personal Training is a One-on-One support that improves motivation and speeds up results people with disabilities.

Personal Training is effective in alleviating the symptoms of anxiety, depression, irritability, restlessness, insomnia, tension, headaches and even indigestion.

Personal Training improves a feeling of worth, communication, self regulation, problem solving, building confidence and independence,  improves self-awarenes, self esteem and positively effects mood.

We all have very busy lives and having a Personal Trainer come to you allows People with Disabilities to book workouts around their schedule and exercise when they have time.

Nutrition coaching. Having us conduct a one on one coaching. Its an individualised nutrition coaching program where people with disabilities can catch up with us once a week, or when ever you wish to learn different nutrition topics which are designed to help people with disabilities improve their health.