4-week Fitness Challenge

An outdoor (hills, parks, beaches) group personal training program designed to help everyone improve their health and fitness. The fitness challenge consists of three 60 min sessions per week and is an innovative, fun way to get fit, lose weight, tone up, or just meet new people! Be aware that if you sign up, there will be no excuses or second chances. You will be punctual and committed to give your 100% at all times. Every waking moment is an opportunity for you to excel and be more. Don't waste your life. It may be your only one! Pre-registration is REQUIRED.

4-wk Fitness Challenge Dates 2013:                   Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 6-7am

Express your interest by contacting us.
Dates will be posted soon

Cost: $290/$190 (concession/student with valid ID)

Troy's Fitness Challenge involves a strength and conditioning program for all people wanting to improve their fitness. We strive to increase cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, power, flexibility speed, agility, balance coordination and accuracy. These principles will assist you in many sports, as well as in survival situations, in leadership roles and for self-defense.

The Fitness Challenge is designed for all individuals regardless of their exercise experience or age. Activities we do include resistance training, interval training, polymetric training, running, sprinting, rowing, cycling, skipping, carrying equipment and working as a team. Some days you will be required to work in teams to move odd, or large loads carefully and quickly over short distances. Other days you will work on overall conditioning using items like your own body weight or dumbbells, to gain strength and endurance.

The classes consist of a warm-up, main activity and a cool down. Each class is different so there is no way the body can adapt and become stagnant! Troy makes sure you use your time efficiently for maximum results.

 What people say about Troy's training:

  • I hate you, but I miss you.     - Kiki
  • Thanks for getting me motivated!       - Barbra
  • Enthusiasm is infectious. That is certainly the way you feel when you enter one of the fitness challenges that Troy organises. Right from the start his progressive style allows everyone to ease into the routines. Whatever your fitness level.

    I personally was able to realise a few personal weight goals as well exceed my fitness goals. I now  have make new ones regularly.

    The classes are great because they are never the same. The locations vary as well as the content, giving a whole new meaning to full-body work-out.   -  Nick