Couples* Birthing Workshops
* couple = pregnant mum and support person; same-sex couples welcome!

Upcoming workshops:

(usually run every 8-12 wks)

January 20, 1:30-4:30pm

Held at St. Matthews hall, 6 Carmody St. Hermit Park

Cost: $100 per couple

(Next date: March 17, 2019)

Please contact Tatjana with an expression of interest. 

Please note that private or semi-private session are also available. Contact Tatjana for pricing.

Pre-registration essential - limited to 10 couples
Gift vouchers available!

A big thank you to my models: Jenny Fielder, Sarah Gibbs, Renee Richardson and their partners.
Photo credit: Anya Karmansky, Cheeky Monkey Photography

General info: 

Tatjana has used her knowledge and expertise of pregnancy yoga and partner yoga to design a practical, informative and light-hearted workshop aimed at providing an opportunity for couples to feel better prepared for labour and birth.

This workshop focuses on the partner’s participation during labour and provides important information not covered in hospital antenatal classes. We will cover breathing practices, vocal toning, partner yoga poses, positive birth affirmations, sample birth plan, massage for mum, and birthing positions.

The support person will learn:

 * how to be involved, yet
remain calm and centered

    throughout the birthing experience 

  * simple tools & techniques to best support &
    encourage birthing mum

Most importantly, this workshop gives couples a chance to connect and to communicate in preparation for this amazing journey into parenthood. No prior yoga experience necessary.
What to bring:

  * Water bottle, wear loose clothing and have a light
     snack before class
  * A shawl or baby bed sheet
  * Massage oil or moisturizer
  * Mats, blocks, bolsters will be provided

  Please arrive 10-15 min early so we can start on time 

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the couples birthing workshop. My partner, as men are, only said yes because I wanted to go. But he felt so much more confident after and he really feels he'll be able to be there better for me. I didn't realize at the time, but this is something he really needed so thank you.

                                                                                   ~ Casey S.

"I was able to get through labour using only the gas during the transition phase. There is simply no way I would have been able to get through that labour as well as I did without the tools that Tatjana provided during the pregnancy yoga course and couples workshop. 

So from Troy and I a very big thank you and keep up the fabulous work you are doing by empowering women to use their own bodies to get through the intensity of labour."
                                                                                  ~ Krystal B.

"I can't thank you enough for what you have taught me. NEVER would I have thought that attending your classes would have been so beneficial for my pregnancy and birth. Over the 3 days of intense contractions, I constantly used your breathing/moving techniques which kept me focused - had I not learnt this I couldn't imagine how I would have reacted at the time or the type of birth I would have had. Being in this state kept my baby calm the ENTIRE time which I believe avoided the need for a caesarean. I'm so thankful and greatful for what you have done for me (my partner and daughter also). What you are doing for pregnant women is incredible (to a level you may not even realise). Again - thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

                                                                                    ~ Casey J.

The birthing workshop my husband and I attended gave us a chance to discover positions and breathing techniques to help me/us through labour. The breathing was what helped me to focus during any painful contractions and especially when I had to have an epidural administered.

Tatjana, you are a fabulous instructor. Your calming and relaxed manner is perfect for the pregnant woman and I can't wait to start in your Mums and Bubs yoga. Thank you for everything

                                                                                    ~ Renee R.

Participating in Tatjana's couples birthing workshop was such an important part of my pregnancy journey - it was the best thing my partner and I did in preparation for our birth. We did lots of antenatal classes, however, I only felt fully equipped with the necessary skills and tools after Tatjana's class. My husband felt much more confident having breathing exercises, massage and yoga positions he knew we could implement whilst I was in labour. They were so good to help get through the pain and remembering Tatjana's advice was extremely helpful. I would definitely recommend this workshop to anyone who is preparing to give birth! 

                                                                           ~ Jenna F.

"We found the couples workshop gave us a sense of unity of how we were going to approach the birth. My husband also learnt how to best help me and feel ‘useful’ during the delivery."

                                                                                      ~ K.-L. G.

I thought I'd just send through a quick email to let you know how our birth went and what techniques/postures etc. I found useful!

I found the breathing most useful - having practiced the "inhale 1 2 3, exhale 1 2 3" with my partner was great. When he sensed I was holding my breath or struggling to control my breath, he breathed with me. The positive affirmations really helped as well. When things got tough, I just kept telling myself "I can do this" over and over. And finally, the massage was amazing. It relieved pain and tension but was also a great distraction.

Thank you again for the workshop - we really enjoyed it and it definitely helped prepare us to give birth the way we wanted to.

                                                                                       ~ Julia B.