Please note that Chair Yoga classes are currently held on:

Mondays 3:00 - 4:00pm, Brooklea Lifestyle Village, 1 Lindeman Ave, Cranbrook

Drop-ins are $6.

Interested? Just give Jenni a call on m: 0438 777 886 

What is Chair Yoga?

While extremely popular in the US, chair yoga has yet to reach mainstream in Australia.  This type of yoga class is ideal for people who have difficulty getting up off or down on the floor or for those who may not have exercised regularly, have physical limitations, or find their body has less flexibility. An gentle class for people with physical disabilities or seniors (55+) wanting to regain or keep up their strength and flexibility. 

Chair Yoga has routines for the eyes, neck, torso, arms, hands and fingers,
feet and toes - it is a whole body workout that helps     manage the effects of pain, stress, illness and disability.

The physical benefits of (chair) yoga

  * increases our range of motion/flexibility
  * improves our balance
  * improves our posture
  * increases our muscle strength and endurance
  * increases our core strength
  * gives our internal organs a massage

The physiological benefits of (chair) yoga

  * increases blood circulation
  * improves breathing
  * purifies respiratory system
  * balances the endocrine system
  * stimulates the immune system

The mental / psychological benefits of (chair) yoga:

  * social event --> best prevention against depression & loneliness!
  * improves mental clarity
  * improves cognitive functions

  * increases energy levels

  * general sense of wellbeing
/ a more optimistic outlook on life

While everyone’s personality and process of aging is unique, there are certain shared qualities and tendencies that are much more in the foreground of our lives during our later years than during our youth. Therefore, please get GP's approval prior to beginning to practice Chair Yoga. You can download the form below.
Approval to Practice Chair Yoga.pdf Approval to Practice Chair Yoga.pdf
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             Interested in doing more than just one class a week? There are some great chair yoga DVDs out there