The bodySculpt is a unique class that combines calisthenics and yoga to blend a functional movement class designed to strengthen and tone your thighs, booty, arms and to improve your flexibility while increasing your metabolism.

"i haven’t exercised in a long time" is simply not a valid excuse. We make it our mission to get every woman fit and then fitter, even if you have not been training for years (or ever!).

There is no need to wear make-up or fancy clothes. Just bring an exercise mat, water bottle and towel, and try your hardest. We'll encourage/cajole*/push you, but only to get the best out of you.

Timings to be confirmed

 coming soon!

Cost: tba (tba students)

14 women only

(all you need to bring is a towel, drink bottle & exercise mat to every class)

Location: tba

To secure your spot for the next up-coming bodySculpt you will need to contact us, and then make a direct deposit into the bodySculpt with your name and body sculpt as reference.

Spots are filled on a first-paid-first-served basis.

What are the benefits of calisthenics and yoga?

Calisthenics and yoga uses your own bodyweight to work every muscle in your body to become stronger all the while increasing your heart rate to get you fitter, while at the same time stretching.

What types of classes will there be?

The classes consist of you using your own bodyweight to go through a range of exercises with the added benefit of being able to add an extra piece of equipment to make your workout more challenging.

What if i haven’t exercised for a while?

That’s fine. The classes are structured so you can rest when you want too.

Any additional questions?

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