6-wk Level I Beginner's Yoga Course

14 January 2019 
Mondays, from 6-7pm

at St. Matthews hall, 6 Carmody St. Hermit Park.

Cost $108. Mats provided.

(Next intake: 25 February 2019)

(if you don't want to wait that long, consider coming to the gentle/restorative class on Tuesday from 6-7pm, which is suitable for beginners)

Class size is limited to 10 students to ensure personal attention and individualized feedback. Prior registration essential. To register or for more info on this class, contact Tatjana here.

Description of the course

In these small classes, you will learn a variety of yoga poses, breathing techniques and the basics of meditation to gain fitness, strength & flexibility and to help calm your busy mind.  

Scientific research shows that it takes 16-21 times to make something a habit. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to make yoga a positive habit in your life by committing to a regular class attendance. After the 6-wk course, you'll have the knowledge you need to attend one of our regular classes. Tatjana's entire schedule can be viewed here.

Feedback from past yoga participants

What was the best thing about the course?
  * being reminded that I'm not here to prove anything
  * feeling good about myself at the end
  * time spent focusing on my body and breath
  * learning to think with a more positive attitude
  * the mental relaxation
  * the non-judgmental attitude
  * learning not to worry if I couldn’t do something
  * it was well paced and covered alot of info
  * it made me think of the person I am outside of class

Some reviews:

"I have wanted to do yoga for some time, but I lacked confidence and was unsure of what to expect. After my first class, I knew I had joined the right course and had the right teacher. I felt comfortable and the content was tailored to the right audience."                           ~ Jess T. 

"Tatjana's explanation of poses is very informative and thorough. Great introduction to yoga. For anyone who has any doubts whether or not they can do it: You can! This class is for you!"                                        ~ Cath W.

"Being overweight I was not sure if I could "do" yoga. Tatjana has taught me that my body is the vehicle through which I am able to experience this life fully and that focusing on what I can do is more important that what I can't do. Love it!"                             ~ Anndrea S.

"I have wanted to try yoga for many years. I finally got the courage and couldn't be happier! Tatjana is absolutely fabulous. The course was very good and I felt like I was challenged all along the way but in a friendly, supportive environment. Everyone in my class was positive and there was no judgment from anyone which is what I appreciated the most. I look forward to continuing my yoga journey with Tatjana in the future. Thank you!"                                                        ~ Nikki K.
8-wk Level III Beginner's Yoga Course
For those who've completed the equivalent of two 6-wk Beginner's Yoga Course and would like to continue to refine the basic yoga poses as well as work on low planks, arm balances, headstands etc. please contact us to register for: 8-wk Level III Beginner's Yoga Course 

at St. Matthews hall, 6 Carmody St. Hermit Park.
Cost $128. Mats provided. 

Class size is limited to 12 students to ensure personal attention and individualized feedback. Prior registration essential. To register or for more info on this class, contact Tatjana here.

              MEN'S 6-wk Beginner's Yoga Course

                                    Date: TBD

                       Usually held Mondays 6-7pm 
       St. Matthews hall, 6 Carmody St. Hermit Park

                       Cost $108. Mats provided.

Class size is limited to 10 students to ensure personal attention and individualized feedback. Prior registration essential. To register or for more info on this class, contact Tatjana here.

Why a Men's only course? Feeling reluctant to step in a yoga class full of flexible women? Worried about how you may look? Don't like Enya? Then this course is for you. Tatjana is a very down-to-earth, authentic and approachable yoga teacher who will make you wonder why it took you so long to start practicing.   

You probably didn't know, but men were the original ones practicing yoga (women were probably stuck with "wifely duties"). The main yoga influences in the West have been teachers such as Pattabhi JoisBKS IyengarSwami Vishnudevananda. In today's mainly sedentary society, men’s bodies need yoga. Men tend to have tight hips, rounded spines and constricted chests. Men may have muscle mass, but lack the flexibility and mobility to move with ease and grace. A yoga practice will help align your body for better posture and physical health.  

Looking for some inspiration? check these blokes out: 

                                  Boys of Yoga

Also: Read about 10 men who got inspired to do yoga.

Some reviews:

"I heard about this course from my brother-in-law and signed up to learn more about yoga. There were poses I struggled with, but then there were poses I was (surprisingly) good at. I feel more flexible now and some stiffness in my back has been reduced. I feel more relaxed after class."                                      ~Anthony P.

I had never tried yoga before this course and I think it was due to a general lack of awareness of its benefits. Yoga is valuable: it is strength training, flexibility training and relaxation all rolled into one, without the expense of a gym membership! Good on ya mate for offering a men's only class!                                                ~ Don M.