What is Aqua Yoga? 

A relatively new form of yoga, Aqua Yoga is a gentle and very low-impact aquatic activity. It involves performing a series of standing, kneeling seated and floating yoga poses in shallow water incorporating noodles/floats or the pool walls and floor. 

The buoyancy of the water takes the pressure of a person's weight off the joints, thereby reducing stress on the joints and connective tissues and alleviating pain or discomfort people may feel when exercising. This makes it an ideal practice for pregnant women, seniors and those who suffer medical conditions or physical limitations.  

Benefits of aqua yoga include: 

  • little or no impact on joints
  • improves balance issues 
  • allows for greater mobility, increased range of motion
  • improves muscle tone, strength & endurance
  • relieves tension, anxiety and stress
  • alleviates chronic pain
  • leaves you both physically and mentally relaxed
  • fosters community building

For pregnant women in particular, pelvic movements and pelvic floor exercises in water using yoga principles create elasticity for childbirth and greatly facilitate the return to healthy pelvic floor tone afterwards